Unit Network - Data Access

There are multiple interfaces accessing the unit network

BioCASE Portal
Primarily there is the integrated BioCASE portal, backed up by a central cache db

BioCASE Query Tool
The standard query tool that comes with the biocase provider software (BPS) can be used to query the central data cache via the pywrapper:

Simple Distributed Search
Or you can do a real live search, spreading biocase query messages to the providers of the network directly:

Or query the biocase portal for a scientific name directly here using * as a wildcard:

The Distributed Network

The distributed BioCASE network is build upon http based services in front of independent datasources, the data providers. With the help of the provider software heterogenous relational databases become public accessible BioCASE services, able to understand messages based on the BioCASE protocol. Thus it is possible to have several different interfaces accessing the same datasource. In the graphic below you can see the BioCASE portal (left) as well as GBIF International or Google Earth accessing the same datasources. This way it is possible to set up specialised portals for certain needs but using the same datasource services.

unit network

Providing Data

The valid interaction between a single data provider and a client is described by the BioCASE protocol. BioCASE messages, specific XML documents, are passed between a client and a provider. The response message of a provider carries the requested data within the message envelope - in the example below an ABCD document.

the biocase