The BGBM is providing helpdesk functions, creating proper documentation, preparing workshops and contacting as well as visiting data providers with the aim of extending the network. If you have a database with specimen or observation data, your institution has a web server, and you wish to become a participant in the global and European networks, we offer technical assistance. We can also offer to organize local workshops to adress several data providers at once.

Mobilizing data is a currently the critical point in the success of the GBIF initiative and consequently of BioCASE and the European Network of Biodiversity Information. We welcome any communication regarding contacts to people or institutions that are interested in connecting their databases. We will do our best to make the process easy and successful.

If you are interested in connecting your data and agree to the BioCASE code of conduct, please take a look at the Provider Software Wiki or get in touch with us.

How To Get in Contact

  • Send an eMail to the BioCASe Support at   .
  • Use the contact form on the PyWrapper Wiki.