This page is outdated and just kept for history.


The National Node Data Input Tool is an MS Access based application to manage collection metadata. It runs on the windows operating system only. To become a BioCASE Node you will also have to install the provider software.


For installation instructions please read the documentation which also explains to you the different packages that you can find here.


Empty NoDIT version 2.0 RC4

New in RC4: Created_When and Who are not being changed now when editing a records name!
New in RC3: Bug when deleting a record removed that deletes all keywods of all records!
New in RC2: This release candidate improves the validity control of records and has an updated iso-country table.

Patch avaiable to upgrade your existing NoDIT v2 RC2 or RC3 database to the RC4 release.
RC2 has a very mean bug removing all your keywords, please upgrade as soon as possible !
Please follow the upgrade installation instructions after downloading the RC4 patch: