BioCASe now supports LIDO standard

The new version of the BioCASe Provider Software is now able to publish data in the LIDO format (Lightweight Information Describing Objects). This standard is widely used in the museum community. With 1.261 data elements and attributes (3.041 including GML fields) being even heavier than ABCD, LIDO is able to support the full range of descriptive information about museum objects. It can be used for all kinds of objects, e.g. art, architecture, cultural history, history of technology, and natural history. With the BioCASe Provider Software now supporting LIDO, data from any SQL-based database can be easily exported into LIDO.

The mapping editor has undergone several changes to better reflect the characteristics of the schema used, for example mandatory elements or nodes. XML archiving has been improved to use less memory now and tolerate temporary downtimes of the database to be archived. Other improvements affect DarwinCore archives and the modules for connecting to Microsoft SQL Server. For a complete list of changes and fixes, please refer to the version history.